General & Cosmetic Dental Procedures In Beachwood, OH

In order to help you maintain the healthiest smile possible, our practice’s dentist utilizes a wide range of procedures that clean, enhance, and restore your oral health. Trudy Amstadt, DDS provides preventative and cosmetic dental care to the people of Beachwood, Shaker Heights, Mayfield and surrounding areas.

Keeping Your Smile Safe

The first step to keeping your smile healthy is to protect it from decay and disease. Our Beachwood dentist offers comprehensive preventive care with thorough cleanings, standard examination, and home care assistance. By helping the health of teeth in her office and educating patients on the best way to keep their smiles healthy at home, Dr. Amstadt is able to help patients maintain lasting oral health.

Preventive cleanings are designed to keep your smile as healthy as possible. After treatment for more serious conditions, our goal is to return your smile to its optimal health and function. Regular examinations are tailored to identify specific areas of concern in your dentition and diagnose symptoms and conditions of more extensive dental problems, such as gum disease and bone loss. Preventive care goes beyond routine cleanings and check-ups. For patients diagnosed with a TMJ disorder by a specialist, our dentist can create occlusion guards to alleviate the secondary oral health consequences associated with TMD.

Through preventive care, including periodontal disease care, Dr. Amstadt helps you keep the best smile possible.

Improving Your Smile’s Beauty

Trudy Amstadt, DDS is a perfectionist when it comes to the care of her patients and is dedicated providing personalized cosmetic dental solutions for your aesthetic needs.

Several of our dental restorations, for example, feature cosmetic benefits in addition to their protective purpose. Our tooth-colored fillings offer an unnoticeable, metal-free option for rebuilding teeth after decay. We also offer porcelain crowns and porcelain bridges to help cover and replace teeth, respectively, with a material that looks and feels like a natural tooth. Additionally, Dr. Amstadt can use the restorations we offer as dental implant restorations, including the reworking of existing dentures.

Rebuilding Your Smile’s Strength

Despite comprehensive preventive care, some of our patients may experience tooth decay and tooth loss.
To treat these situations, our Beachwood dentist offers several dental restorations to rebuild and replace teeth. If your teeth have been compromised by tooth decay, Dr. Amstadt can place dental fillings and dental crowns to best strengthen your teeth. Missing teeth in a row can be restored through a dental bridge; dentures and partial dentures can help replace missing teeth spread out through the mouth, up to a full dental arch of lost teeth.

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